Dynamic Cupping Techniques

Have you already studied cupping therapy and feel like you have the 'basics' under your belt?  

As you may have learned already, cupping therapy is a really straightforward modality to learn.  What many don't realize is that the true potential of cupping therapy is immense.  As a bodywork practitioner, a lot of effective manual techniques can be physically challenging.  The physicality of these treatments can be completely eliminated with cupping therapy. 

Secondly, due to the penetrating nature of cupping conditions that lay deeper in the body can be accessed with cupping which means it has the potential to help with chronic conditions, improving circulation and mobility with properly administered application.

Dynamic cupping techniques can take your practice to an entirely new level, with dramatic and immediate change in your clients conditions without creating insult or injury to the body.  Join our Live Stream Dynamic Cupping class, and POP your practice! 

Basic TCM and how it relates to cupping
Lisa Dowling

Day 1 Prone - Abdomen and Arms
Lisa Dowling

Day 1 Prone - Legs
Lisa Dowling

Cupping Marks
Lisa Dowling

Day 2 - Limbs and self-care
Lisa Dowling

Day 2 Side Lying Limbs
Lisa Dowling

Day 2 Back Legs Feet
Lisa Dowling

Day 2 Supine Legs
Lisa Dowling

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