The Cupping Revolution

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Learn advanced treatments and techniques in cupping therapy with our online and live events.

Online courses available in Cupping Therapy. Scroll through our offerings as new courses will be added on a regular basis.

Cupping for Manual Therapists (Level 1)

This is our flagship cupping training. Here you will learn the history of cupping, safety, indications, contraindications as well as styles of cupping. You will practice 3 styles of cupping with plastic and silicone cups.

Facial Cupping Masterclass

This facial cupping masterclass is the standard in professional training. Learn the indications, contraindications, and approaches to skin types, treating scars and acne, and syptoms such as TMJ, sinusitis, headaches, eye and neck pain. 

Dynamic Cupping Techniques (Level 2)

This is our more advanced training.  In this class you will learn about advanced techniques for joint mobilizations, treating in side laying for hips, shoulders and limbs, abdominal treatment and more.

SCAR Masterclass

Learn the physiology of scars, as well as the different types of scars, cautions, and other treatments for scars.

The Cupping Project

All Inclusive Cupping Program includes all online cupping courses in a discount package.

The Body Workshop

Featuring all courses, and Materials from The Cupping Revolution, Gua Sha, 5 Element Meridian Therapy

FREE EBOOK: The facial cupping guidebook

Explore facial cupping for cosmetic purposes, learn about all of the symptoms that facial cupping can help and get a deeper look into the structures of the face.

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Cups and more!! Organic, specially formulated elixirs, gua sha tools and products to manage pain and inflammation.

YIN Cupping

Learn the gentler side of cupping, using silicone and glass cups on the face, abdomen, chest and meridians. This class is for acupuncturists and those who study the East Asian Medicine meridian system.